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 What is a Conventual Church?

Churches are conventual (not conventional) when they belong to the convent of a religious order. As such, the conventual church here at the Franciscan Renewal Center is the property of the Franciscan Order, rather than the Diocese of Phoenix. This classification is unique in The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix (conventual churches are fairly common in Europe and Latin America) and clarifies the role of the Franciscan Renewal Center to offer sacraments within the Diocese.

What is the difference between a chapel and a church?

A chapel is established for a particular group of people, such as retreatants, hospital patients or students. On the other hand, a church is established for the general public. Our worship building originally was created as a chapel for those here on retreat. In the 1970s, it changed to a “semi-private oratory” that welcomed residents of greater Phoenix and visitors alike. In 2006, it evolved again to the more useful status of a “conventual church” – a church belonging to the Franciscan Order.

Is the Franciscan Renewal Center a parish?

A parish is owned and directed by the diocese in which it is located. Instead, our church is owned and directed by the Franciscan Order. There are no “parishioners” here because it is not a parish. However, families are encouraged to register here, record their sacramental records here, or prepare for and receive their first sacraments here.

Can I bring my pets?

Service animals are permitted in the sanctuary. Please leave other animals at home during Mass for everyone’s safety, as some animals can be unpredictable around crowds, noise or small children.

Where is the tabernacle?

The Casa is pleased to feature the St. Clare Blessed Sacrament Chapel, where the Eucharist is kept for daily adoration. This Chapel is adjacent to the Church and viewable through a glass partition on the southeast wall.

Is a gluten free host available?

Eucharist at the Casa is freshly baked, unleavened bread. If you require a low-gluten host, please approach a Hospitality Minister (those greeting and passing out worship aids) or a Sacristan (wearing a name badge) to let them know before Mass.

Is the Casa building a new church?

Yes, the Casa is building a new church, community life center, and other structures as part of a renovated campus. Construction for many of these projects is underway now. Learn all about this vision in the RENEWING LIVES Campaign section.

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