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DRIVE-THRU SALE, Saturday Morning, September 19, 8-11 am

Running out of your supply of Café Justo Coffee?   Visit our “End of Summer Heat and Stock-Up for Fall”  Café Justo Drive-Thru Sale early Saturday Morning, September 19, and try a delicious, fair-trade, organic, shade-grown, recently roasted (in the last 7 months) coffee that supports a grower’s cooperative in Mexico.  

Downloadable PDF/Flyer.

From 8:00 to 11:00 am (or until our supply of coffee runs out).  

  • The cost of the coffee is $10 per one-pound bag
  • Please bring cash (exact change) or a personal check. No credit or debit cards. 
  • Checks are made out to the Franciscan Renewal Center, with telephone number on your check and “Café Justo Drive-Thru Sale” on the memo line.
  • *Please be flexible with your purchase.  As we prepare to move our inventory to our Fall storage location, our supplies of coffee are slightly limited and certain options may not available for all types of coffee.  
  • Additional donations to the Casa/FRC are always welcome.

Casa Grounds for Solidarity Ministry Team Sellers will be covering this sale. 


More information:

COVID-19 social distancing/health measures. Social distancing measures will be used.  You will drive into the main entrance of the Casa, to the lobby “Drop Off Area.” Drive to the first table, indicate how many bags of coffee you are purchasing so we can track the number of bags, and pay into a donation box.  We will not be able to make change, so please plan to pay with exact cash and/or personal check.  You will then drive to the coffee tables and indicate which coffees you want.  You will not get out of your car.  We will ask you to pop your trunk and we will place the coffee into your trunk or your back seat.

We will be wearing masks, and gloves when needed. We will use hand sanitizer between each sale.  Please be patient with us as we enact these measures.

Café Justo Types of Coffee.  Remember the difference is in the roasting. (*Please be flexible with your purchase as noted above).

  • Arabica, Robusta, Decaf
    • Regular/Medium and Dark Roast
    • Ground and Whole Bean
  • 50/50 Blends
    • Arabica/Robusta
    • Arabica/Decaf

For a complete review/description visit the  different kinds of coffee sold PDF.  And remember the difference is in the roasting.


COVID- 19 Information from the Casa/FRC Faith in Action Ministries:  How you can volunteer/help with outside organizations [posted March 20, 2020] – Here

If you want to help or if you need assistance, visit the Casa COVID-19 resource page.


Cafe-Justo-Poster-webWhen Casa volunteers sell CaféJusto brand coffee, rural Mexican farmers and roasters earn a fair wage that allows them to remain in their homeland with a better quality of life.  Last year the Casa community purchased 1,220 pounds of Café Justo organic, fair trade coffee. That volume supports a family of 10 for an entire year in Mexico.  Visit our Casa Grounds for Solidarity Mission Statemenfor more information.

Through the Casa Grounds for Solidarity Ministry, volunteers “set up shop” here at the Franciscan Renewal Center to sell high-quality coffee from the Café Justo cooperative. The coffee is grown and/or roasted in Salvador Urbina, Mexico and Agua Prieta, Mexico. Each purchase is labeled with the date and name of the roaster, so every coffee lover knows exactly who they’ve supported with each cup. To learn more about who grows this delicious coffee, please click here.

Fast facts:

  • Coffee normally grows within 20 degrees of the equator and between 2,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level, this is normally the (north) Tropics of Cancer and (south) Capricorn. The only place that coffee grows in the United States is Hawaii.
  • Café Justo is a unique coffee business that was started as a response to both rural poverty and migration. The coffee growers are co-owners of the business, meaning more money is returned to them, making a big difference in their lives.  “Café Justo enables people to make a better living for their families so they can avoid the heartbreak of migration and separation.”
  • To learn more about Café Justo coffee: Understand the Labels with the different kinds of coffee sold pdf;  Café Justo coffee is freshly roasted within the last 6 to 9 months, see the difference is in the roasting.

Volunteers sell this delicious coffee to the Casa community on the 2nd full weekend of the month. We also educate our customers about the coffee, the farmers, migration issues and solidarity with Mexico’s agricultural workers.  We welcome friendly, outgoing people who can sell, educate or organize.

To join this ministry, inquire at casagrounds(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

If you would like to learn more about Cafe Justo, please visit this link for an article and radio story from Arizona Public Radio.

Volunteer with this ministry:


THANK YOU CASA COMMUNITY:  Exciting sales outcome for calendar year 2019:  we sold over $12,000 worth of Café Justo coffee, thus providing income for the cooperative and the families who grow, harvest and roast the coffee beans.


The Coffee Prayer (from Catholic Relief Services)

Loving Savior,
I drink this cup in solidarity with the one who planted the seedlings.
In solidarity with the one who nurtured the soil.
In solidarity with the one who watered the trees.
In solidarity with the one who harvested the beans in their cherries.
In solidarity with the one who brought the harvest to market.
It has been a long time brewing, this cup.
And with each sip, I pray for justice for everyone in the chain of production
Particularly those whose poverty
Prevents them from tasting the bounty you provide.
Solidarity, justice: this is our challenge.
But one thing I have learned from you, Lord
Is that small cups can contain great miracles.
And we can all find oneness there.



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