Family Faith Activities – September 23 – The Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Taking the disciples to a private place, Jesus asks about the argument they had on the road. The disciples are uncharacteristically silent and afraid to answer. They have been found out. Then, to this select group of disciples, Jesus teaches that those who would be first in God’s kingdom must be servants of all.
To illustrate, Jesus calls forward a child and teaches that to receive a child in Jesus’ name is to receive both Jesus and the One who sent him. We might easily fail to understand the significance of this action. In First- Century Palestine, children were without status or power, possessing no legal rights. In this action, Jesus is teaching His disciples and us that when we serve the least ones among us, we serve Jesus Himself.
Who are the people without power or status in our society that Jesus is calling us to serve? Do we do so willingly? Jesus teaches that God’s judgment of us will be based on this criterion alone. (Paraphrased from Loyola Press Sunday Connection)

Gather your family and ask what they think makes a person great.

Read Mark 9:30-37 and discuss:
• What does Jesus try to explain to His disciples?
• What do the disciples argue about?
• What does Jesus say to them?

Service Centered: With your family, reflect on the many ways that people can be of service to others. Use a variety of magazines to cut out as many pictures of people serving others as your family can find. You can also draw, instead of cutting. Glue or draw onto a large poster board and discuss: How are the people in the pictures serving others? Who are people you know that can serve others? How can you serve others?

Concluding Prayer: God, our helper, You give us Your help when we are in need, and You show us how to help others through the example of Your son, Jesus. Thank You for showing us how to live. Amen.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail

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