Am I a Champion?

Recently, I was asked by a community member if I thought she would qualify as a candidate to attend a Casa Champions Coffee and Scones Hour. Based on this question, I thought it the perfect time to write about my thoughts of what a Casa Champion might look like so you, the reader, can be on the lookout as well.

A Champion is someone who feels compelled to welcome a new person that they meet after Mass and invite them to join you in the Hospitality area for a nonfat donut and a cup of coffee. Or they think that the Casa has been a beacon in their own lives and want to share that same experience with others that they meet along the Road of Life. It could be the next-door neighbor, someone seated next to you on a plane, or another dog lover at the dog park. It doesn’t just happen here on these 25 acres — it is anywhere that the Champion might be. They invite their new friend to come to a onehour Discover the Vision event that we have twice a month and now both have increased their circl eof community.

At our last Casa Champions Coffee and Scones Hours last month, we had four of our Board Members, three longtime Champions, and Father Joe. Everyone came together to focus on all that we now have going on with the dedication of the new church, all the new community that will come and how we can meet, greet, and walk with those we encounter.

So here’s the test to see if possibly you might be a Champion:

Do you love the Casa and feel better when you are on these grounds?
Do you believe that you can reach out to those who are new to us and invite them to a one-hour event here at the Casa?
Do you have the time every six weeks on a Thursday morning from 8 am – 9 am to gather together?
Do you like butterscotch scones?

If you answered yes to these questions, chances are very strong that you will be a great Champion for the Casa. Please call me and we can discuss further.

— Sarah Privée, Major Gifts Officer (and very proud Casa Champion) 480.355.0357Facebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail

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