Welcome to Lent – 2017

Welcome to Lent in this year of 2017.  The Church is giving each of us another opportunity to step back from our everyday work and chores to take a healthy look at ourselves.  In doing so, we need to ask ourselves if we are happy with what we see and if we are happy with ourselves overall.  Sure, we have our faults, but that should never stop us from making some changes in our life by taking on the positive and shedding the negative about oneself.  It is important to remember that Jesus is there when we need to call upon Him for help and advice – just listen to your heart!

Something else about Lent is the fact that it is not a season for individuals, but it is a time we extend ourselves to those we encounter—be they students, neighbors, spouses, our children, our parents, those who have gone astray from the Church, and the list can go on.

One of best things to do this Lent is get more acquainted with the Scriptures each day.  Many will take a psalm each day and pray it in the morning and walk with it throughout the day.  Another suggestion is to pick up the small booklet “Lent in My Pocket,” and it is free!  The booklet contains some Scripture for each day in Lent. It is available in the lobby, and if we run out, we can get more.

Needless to say, you are certainly welcome to see one of the priests here for some spiritual direction or another priest elsewhere.

Let each of us make this Lent the best so at the end of this season, we can rejoice in the resurrection!

In conclusion, let us each make a lot more time with Jesus and do more listening to our hearts to hear His voice.

Peace and Good,
Fr. Bill Bried, OFM, Church VicarFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmailFacebooktwittergoogle_pluslinkedinmail

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